For Realtors

Patti Ayers & Associates, The Property Management Specialists, want to help REALTORS with the ”hard to sell” listings. In a tough market, when homes are not selling, we’re here to assist you and your sellers. We will lease the home, manage the property, and pay you a referral fee!

By allowing us to remove your contingency contracts, we can assist you in freeing your seller to purchase their next home.

In tough economic times, with so many homes lacking the equity to sell, many owners have turned to renting their homes until the market turns around. Having the property as a rental investment allows your client to keep the home, while at the same time, protecting their investment by having a tenant in the property.

If you or seller would like to contact us about our services, or get an opinion on the rental value of a home, please contact us at or

We appreciate you referring your clients and investors to us!